Software Architects Are Number One

by Vitalii Tsybulnyk 14. October 2010 13:23

In their November issue, CNN Money Magazine rated "Software Architect" as the number 1 job in America!

What they do: Like architects who design buildings, they create the blueprints for software engineers to follow -- and pitch in with programming too. Plus, architects are often called on to work with customers and product managers, and they serve as a link between a company's tech and business staffs.

What's to like: The job is creatively challenging, and engineers with good people skills are liberated from their screens. Salaries are generally higher than for programmers, and a typical day has more variety. "Some days I'll focus on product strategy, and other days I'll be coding down in the guts of the system," says David Chaiken, 46, of Yahoo in Sunnyvale, Calif., whose current projects include helping the web giant customize content for its 600 million users. Even though programming jobs are moving overseas, the face-to-face aspect of this position helps cement local demand.

What's not to like: You are often outside the management chain of command, making it hard to get things done.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree, and either a master's or considerable work experience to demonstrate your ability to design software and work collaboratively.


Median pay (experienced) $119,000
Top pay $162,000
10-year job growth (2008-2018) 34%
Total jobs (current) 110,000
Quality of life ratings:
Personal satisfaction B
Job security B
Future growth A
Benefit to society C
Low stress C
Flexibility A


Software Architecture

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