Call Java Code From .Net and Vice Versa

by Vitalii Tsybulnyk 24. June 2009 12:48

This post is about the very common problem of .Net and Java code interoperability. I've encountered this problem at least twice, both times when a .Net application, which is already developed, was required to use some third-party Java API.

So let me introduce you the best solution I've ever seen: JNBridge. Here is a very nice presentation: JNBridge.wmv (6.78 mb)

Here's a couple of slides from this presentation to let you see the power of JNBridge:


The most impressive feature for me is the possibility to use .Net and Java code in one process via shared memory; however the HTTP/SOAP connection is also a very useful option for distributed solutions.

JNBridge has a plugin for Visual Studio and Eclipse which allows you to effectively work with the tool in both IDE's.


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