Call Java Code From .Net and Vice Versa

by Vitalii Tsybulnyk 24. June 2009 12:48
This post is about the very common problem of .Net and Java code interoperability. I've encountered this problem at least twice, both times when a .Net application, which is already developed, was required to use some third-party Java API. So let me introduce you the best solution I'... [More]


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Visual Studio on Channel 9

by Vitalii Tsybulnyk 12. June 2009 13:26
This post is just to let you know that there is 'Visual Studio' topic area on  MSDN Channel 9. Here is the list of my favorite episodes: • C# 4.0 - Questions and reasons behind the answers • Team Foundation Server 2010 • Enterprise Project Management with Visual Studio Te... [More]

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Software Development